Jamie Eddy Is Steel City’s Sparkette And The Queen Of Tradies On TikTok


By Milly Tamati - M.O.B.™ Editorials

Covid-19 is no laughing matter. The virus has stopped the world as we know it and has brought so many different industries to their knees. However, Jamie Eddy is doing what she can to bring some much needed laughs into our everyday lives on her TikTok channel, @jamieeddy.

After being furloughed for four months, Jamie found herself with a bit more free time on her hands and has effortlessly pivoted into making hilarious TikTok videos. Jamie started the channel as a fun distraction and to show the human (and extremely entertaining) side of being a five foot two female working as a Commercial Apprentice Electrician. As the queen of relatable content, her humor resonates and inspires both men and women alike.

After one of her videos went viral on TikTok, racking up an easy 3 million views, she defined what it looked like to be the cool kid of the construction industry. The content of her videos range from having a laugh at typical tradies to poking fun at the day to day challenges of being a woman and an apprentice electrician. There’s a plethora of reasons as to why working as an electrician is a fantastic career choice. Jamie says that her favourite part about it is that she “gets to work really hard to create something. After it’s complete she can look back and know that she made that”. The creative satisfaction that comes from completing a hands-on project is greatly rewarding.

Injecting humour into an industry, which has traditionally been seen as quite technical, means that she is opening doors for more females taking the leap into the heavily male-dominated industry. By utilizing one of the most popular  mobile apps on the planet she is able to reach millions of viewers all across the world to spread her message that construction can be fun. For the longest time, Jamie was sure that her TikTok videos were little more than a way to make herself laugh. However, before she knew it, the overwhelmingly positive response from her audience meant that the viral-sharing of her videos ensued. Whilst most of her audience is tradies or tool companies, TikTok has opened a platform to start conversations with many people who are interested in pursuing a trade.

Jamie’s advice to women who are thinking about getting into the construction industry is “not to doubt yourself. There’s a niche for everyone in the trades whether you’re the smallest, biggest, smartest, or strongest. You belong too”. Follow along on TikTok at @jamieeddy for an extremely funny, yet authentic, insight into what it looks like to be a female, a tradie, and a viral superstar.


Illustration by @macawhite18
Illustration by @macawhite18
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