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We're here to prove what's possible- Bob will make room for you, you are more than capable of thriving in construction careers and there are boots on the ground and resources to get you there. Let's build the career of your dreams.

to the bobs
making room...

Thank You.

To all the hardworking, fathers, husbands, uncles, grandfathers, mentors, bosses, teachers, business partners, union brothers- we see you.

Thank you for being the first person to put a hammer in our hands and letting us smash the hell out of our thumb with it, for never treating us different than our brothers, for instilling high standards and letting us do the “guy stuff”; for bandaging our cuts and icing our bruises; for making room for our opinions on site and only sometimes taking credit for them ;)   For welcoming our differences and valuing our strengths; for standing up for us in the face of discrimination; for being our friend, for talking shop and giving advice.

We look forward to continuing the progress we’ve made and know that, together, we can build a better tomorrow.

Tradesman using a saw
Tradesman and his daughter hammering a nail
Tradesman looking at the camera while he is working
Tradesman smiling to the camera
Tradesman inspecting a construction site

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Thank you for visiting Move Over Bob. I hope you are finding inspiration and resources to help you in your journey of navigating the road less traveled.

Much like many of you, my journey into a construction career began with finding women to learn from and thank for paving the way. What I discovered was an amazing community full of resilient women who proved their worth and found their place despite significant obstacles. I also found an industry in desperate need of talented professionals, a wave of women, like myself, eager to jump in to help and “Bobs” who welcomed newcomers.

Although the community is strong and growing, non-descriptive search engines and large social platforms were making resources, information, and each other hard to find. And so, I created this site. Whether you are just getting started in your exploration into a new career or you are a seasoned badass- my hope is that this site makes it just a little easier for you to grow and share with the community of women around you.

Yours in Women in Construction Goals,
Our founder


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