Judaline Cassidy, founder of Tools and Tiaras and legendary tradeswoman, kicked off CNN’s week-long special event that spotlights ten pioneers who challenge the status quo. The ten individuals who exemplify what it means to be a champion of change will share their stories of obstacles and triumphs for their cause. Following the week-long event, which launched with Judaline’s story on Sunday, September 13th, will be an hour-long special airing Saturday, September 19th at 10 pm ET/PT. CNN’s John Berman and Alisyn Camerota will anchor the inspiring collection of first-person narratives from this spectacular group. From doctors to farmers, to video game creators, to engineers, it is so exciting to have Judaline, a plumber of over twenty years, represent tradeswomen, women of color, plumbers, and the entire construction industry. “When I show up to a job site, most people do not believe I am the plumber, especially being a black immigrant woman with an accent”, Cassidy tells CNN. Having been advocating for tradeswomen her entire career, she is setting the example and raising the standard within the plumbing industry and is being acknowledged for the expansion of her cause to create positive change. A touching moment within her feature, Judaline reads a letter from Tools & Tiaras participant, Penelope, who credits the program for encouraging and providing guidance into pursuing her dream profession of becoming an architect or engineer. “Sometimes I don’t feel I’m doing enough and I struggle”, Cassidy says after reading the letter, “and Penelope reminds me that what I am doing is important”. A true champion of change, her nonprofit Tools & Tiaras is being recognized for its courageous efforts to redefine what young girls, like Penelope, envision for their futures- teaching them valuable skills, building their confidence, and making sure they understand that skills know no gender!


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Plumber Judaline Cassidy is encouraging girls to follow in her footsteps. Through her "Tools and Tiaras" program, Cassidy runs camps, monthly workshops and mentoring programs that introduce girls to construction trades like plumbing, carpentry and electrical.