We caught up with Day and Freddie at the start of their work day doing routine system maintenance at a book shop and landed on the rooftop of a historical building in downtown Greensboro. It was a beautiful view as we soaked in all the literal and figurative sunshine of this powerful duo.

HVAC technicians working on HVAC units on top of a roof in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina
HVAC technicians working on a HVAC unit

"Our individual experiences and knowledge really complimented each other well. So when Freddie and I came together, I learned so much more of the mechanical build-out, processes, and inspection side of things from him and I taught him a lot about the business and money side of things."

two HVAC technicians discussing maintenance on a HVAC unit
"We do this ten-minute thing of 'how do you want to do it?' back and forth before we begin any job. It's such an important process that I value so much when I work with Freddie"
HVAC technicians working on an air conditioning unit

"I've been doing this for thirteen years but I don't think I'll ever stop looking at Freddie as a mentor because he's such a wealth of knowledge. He's been at it for eighteen years but he's been working on a level that surpasses most of the work that I've done. For example, there are things he talks to me about that I've never even seen in the industry. Like I've never worked on a chiller, which is the refrigeration system they use in grocery stores. It's kind of like when people talk to you about dinosaurs. You're like 'wow, I know they exist but I've never seen any parts of it."

coworkers smiling at work on a roof
"Between the two of us, we really make one really good company. So although we can operate separately in our respective businesses when we come together, no one can touch us."
Tradeswoman, Day Coker and Tradesmen, Freddie smiling