"In 2019, I had taken an Intro to Carpentry course catering to women with little to no experience in the trades. Kristine had come to our class to represent Local 1907. She was going over options we could pursue should we decide to continue a career in carpentry."

female carpenters smiling

"She always went above and beyond her duties and would bring forward opportunities for me to get involved with the trades community and propel my career forward."
tradeswomen cutting on a miter saw

"After graduating from the course, I contacted Kristine and she set me up to work with the carpenters union. Throughout my time with the union, Kristine was there to support and encourage me. I've heard from many that she is a very skilled carpenter with lots of experience leading teams. So, she was definitely someone I strived to emulate. She continues to be someone I look to for guidance and if I can be even half the carpenter she is, I know that I'm doing alright! Today, Kristine and I sit together on the board of directors for the BC Tradeswomen Society. I can confidently say that where I am today has been influenced greatly by Kristine and I'm forever grateful to have her in my life!"