"I grew up around construction but as of 2021, I've been working in the construction industry professionally. It started with me doing my own projects until 2018 and in 2020, I built a house alongside my dad. I'm now a Project Manager for Flat Water Homes and Gavin, a former framer of eight years, is a Superintendent. We started our working relationship based on honesty and trust, which makes us a strong team. It also requires great communication. Before any of our projects start we have conversations about our goals for our job site, how we want it to run, and how we would communicate."

construction workers reviewing building plans

"In the simplest form, I own the project budget and Gavin owns the schedule. We communicate multiple times a day to manage the project, budget, schedule, problem solve, and help each other out. We also work together on site. When something needs to get done to push the project forward, we both jump in and get it done."

Flatwater Homes project manager and superintendent smiling at home in construction
"We’ve given each other permission to speak up if we feel something should be done or handled differently or if we’re stepping on each other’s toes."
woman in construction working on laptop
"My advice to women looking to get into construction is to explore. Give yourself permission to find what you enjoy and what you don’t. Research, try, fail, try, ask questions, improve, repeat."
tradeswoman and tradesman measuring rough door opening in new construction home build

"There is so much opportunity to learn in the construction industry. We have so many trade opportunities in addition to new products and developments in building science to continue learning. Never stop learning. Research but don’t let research keep you from starting because you have to take action to improve. Also, own it! Believe you belong there."

Flatwater Homes in Milwaukee, Wisconsin employees Jenna Beach and Gavin smiling for camera

"When I put my work boots on I feel empowered. I love what I do and I’m grateful for the opportunity to do it. You may bring a new energy or perspective that will improve the project. Be humble, but make waves."