One clear standout from her posts is that she has a ton of fun at work so the opportunity to capture this dynamic duo was an amazing opportunity for real inspiration.

"I joined the Marine Corps after high school, and it was the best decision I ever made. Unfortunately, transitioning back into the civilian life was far harder than I expected. It took me 8 years and about 18 jobs before I finally realized that physical labor was just too engrained in me to ignore. I started considering a career in construction. "

Op electric owner Shamema Stone smiling in work van

"Many factors went into my decision to become an electrician, including the earnings potential, the increasing demand for skilled workers, and my passion for sustainability and green energy. But the one final deciding factor was my lifelong obsession with owning my own business. I knew this career was lucrative enough that I could one day be solely responsible for my own destiny."

female electricians working inside a home

"One afternoon, I was sitting at my desk mulling this over and typed “Seattle Electrician Jobs” into my search engine."

tradeswomen laughing in front of electrical work van

"The first link took me to the local union page where I filled out a seemingly harmless “More Information” form. Moments later my phone rang. It turns out that our union collaborates with an organization called ANEW, Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women. We talked for only a few moments before Samantha from ANEW proclaimed, “You need to come down here now!” That was December 2012. In 2018, I graduated from the apprenticeship program and became a licensed journeyman electrician. I started OP Electric in the fall of 2020. "

female electricians reviewing electrical blueprints

"A few months later I came across a community forum post that said, “Does anyone know of any electrical companies looking for an apprentice?” I saw that it was posted by a woman, and of course I responded instantly. We messaged for a few weeks before deciding Kasey should come work with me.

On her very first day I said, “Hey, I’m going out of town on Thursday to wire a house and I won’t be back until it’s done. So, you’ll probably want to take a few days off… but you could also come.” I have no idea what she was thinking, but amazingly, she said yes! That first road trip was prophetic. We spent our entire first year working out of the back of the van, jumping between three or four jobs every single day. "

female electricians smiling while sitting on the bumper of their female-owned company's work van.

"Being an electrician is both physically and mentally demanding. Every day we are in new situations, solving new problems, and finding someone that can meet those demands consistently without getting discouraged is difficult. But Kasey is an incredibly hard worker. She is our passion when mine runs dry. Be it a pile of insulation or a hole in the ground, she always dives right in and does what it takes to get the job done. She is also a diligent student of electrical theory."

" She seeks to understand why we do things, rather than just how. She will become an excellent electrician regardless of her teacher, but I am so thankful that she ended up with me."

Female Electrians carrying a ladder and extension cords while at work

"I have been in this industry for nearly ten years now, and I have met some incredible friends and mentors. But there is something unique about working with another woman. Kasey and I laugh riotously together. We have mountains of inside jokes. It’s funny to consider how that friendship has developed inside the walls of this van. There is just something special about that."