Psssttt... Have you heard about the super exciting new project on the block? Well, stop what you’re doing and get ready to be inspired!


The Utah Chapter of the NAHB Professional Women in Building is leading the way by gathering an all-women skilled labor team. Their aim? To build a house from scratch with a team that is 100% female! There’s no denying that women bring a uniquely important perspective to design, planning, engineering and construction yet are massively underrepresented in the industry. The powerhouse team behind “The House That She Built” project will construct a 3200square foot, two-story home located in Saratoga Springs.  


The eclectic style of “The House That She Built” represents the collaboration of the women in the trades industry and the varied talents and abilities of each. Strength, courage, grit, determination, balance, color, and resilience are all represented within the design.


Women from all backgrounds and walks of life have put their hands up to contribute to seeing this project to fruition. From interior designers to framing crew, the most important aspect of this project is to involve as many skilled tradeswomen as possible and to tell their stories. Not only is the principle of this build completely groundbreaking and utterly important, but the results of it will have benefits that will be felt far beyond the team of 30+ tradeswomen who are working together to bring this to life. Perhaps best of all, the proceeds from the sale of the home will be divided between scholarships, women-run charities, and future home projects like this. What’s not to love?!

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Since launching officially on September 18th, “The House That She Built” has received an outpouring of interest and support from the Utah construction industry, including many donations of material and labor. They are still on the lookout for woman plumbers and roofers and would welcome anyone who might be interested to get in touch via their website. Check out @thehousethat_she_built on Instagram to meet the wildly varied and talented team of trailblazing females who are making this project a reality.

We wish these visionary women leading the charge all the very best, we’re all rooting for them and know that this is the first of many projects to come. The work that these ladies are putting in now is paving the way for the next generation of tradeswomen so that when we hear of an all-female team building a house in years to come, it won’t come as a surprise but as a normality.

All photos courtesy of The House That She Built


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